piątek, 26 września 2014


yesterday I spent a wonderful day with my two most important women. 
I'm very grateful that I have them and I can always count on them - it's called a family. 
anyway, we spent all day together and it was a lot of fun, you know three girls, shopping... ;)
~ oto moja cudowna Siostra, widzicie przymierzalnię po prawej za nami? 
to właśnie tam schowała się nasza Mama... (jeśli się przyjrzeć to widać jej nogi) /
this is my lovely Sister. do you see the changing room on the right side just behind us?
 this is where our Mommy hid (if you look at it you can see her legs) ~
~ to był naprawdę pyszny obiad! /
 it was really delicious dinner! ~

5 komentarzy:

  1. ale pyszności na talerzu;))

  2. Such a lovely post! It's so nice to have friends and family that are always there for you and that you truly enjoy!