niedziela, 17 sierpnia 2014


Me & m decided to make a Mojito on Saturday night. We all prepared in a large jug, because we didn't want to do every time a new drink. It's really comfortable, I would recommend to anyone! Anyway, we drank our drinks and talked for almost the entire night. I really really love the evenings with my beloved and planning our future life together.
This was Saturday.
On Sunday we went for a walk with Rufi. 
I can't remember the last time we took him for such a loooooooong walk, 
but I think he was happy about it. 
Here are a few photos from our day...
~ and after a walk it was time for a little chill in the garden... ~
~ perfect match? haha. ~
~ love this pic! ~
hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. przed ostatnie zdjęcie jest urocze <3

  2. Super blog.:)
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie:

  3. Świetne stylizacje.

  4. uroczy psiak:)
    pozdrawiam ;))

  5. I just love you two! So cute, and I like that you genuinely enjoy each others company, it will be so helpful in the years to come, and you will definitely have a blast together.

  6. To dobrze że fajnie spędziliscie czas :)
    Śliczne zdjęcia

  7. Aww in love with the 9th pic! So cute! xx

  8. jaki śliczny piesek :) ładnie razem wszyscy wyglądacie :)